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The last few years have seen an ongoing limitation of SSL certificates lifetime. In less than a decade they went from 5 years to 13 months and it would seem that it won't stop here.

Google encourages, sometimes initiates, the tendancy and should propose in the next few months a new ballot to the CA/B Forum which purpose would be to limit the SSL lifetime to 90 days.

It is merely a project for the time being but should it be realized it would bring a big change in the way we manage our certificates pool. 3 months certificates means increasing handling (reissuance and / or renewal, installation, key creation...), a rigorous monitoring and a larger room for human errors. The automation becomes a required tool.

What are the options?

The PKI, aka Public Key Infrastructure, is an intern certificate management system. There are several kinds of PKI among which you can choose yours according to your needs (in server certificates or client certificates) and the final use of these certificates. A Pki allows you to:

  • Manage certificates
  • Renew certificates
  • Revoke certificates
  • Publish your own revocation lists
  • Identify and authentify users


The TBS PKI SME offer does not exist anymore. Please contact our team for your migration request.

SCM offer - Sectigo Certificate Manager

Sectigo Certificate Manager (SCM) is a universal platform purpose-built to issue and manage the lifecycles of digital certificates to secure every human and machine identity across your enterprise, all from a single interface.

All about Sectigo SCM solution

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