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PKI solutions

The PKI, aka Public Key Infrastructure, is an intern certificate management system. There are several kinds of PKI among which you can choose yours according to your needs (in server certificates or client certificates) and the final use of these certificates. A Pki allows you to:

  • Manage certificates
  • Renew certificates
  • Revoke certificates
  • Publish your own revocation lists
  • Identify and authentify users

REMINDER ABOUT PKI DELIVERED CLIENT CERTIFICATES: A PKI is a lot easier to manage. You can issue a great number of certificates in no time. But even if the TBS Client X509 certificates are -on a technical level- the same than the one delivered in our TBS X509 offer, they have no legal value and if they are bound to be used in a legal procedure you will have to pass on the PKI solution.

They are compatible with 99.3% of web browsers including IE 5.01 and higher. They can be used with Outlook 2000 and higher and with Outlook Express and higher.


The TBS PKI SME, less expansive than the TBS PKI Entreprise, is an ideal solution for small organizations. Its mechanism is siple : from a PKI account hosted on a web interface (in english) you will order certificates that will be issued in less than an hour. The certificates issued by this PKI are technically the same than those sold in the TBS range of products. They are compatible with 99,3% of the browsers including IE 5.01+. They work with Outlook 2000+ and Outlook Express 5+.

You can open a PKI account by purchasing a certain amount of point (pre-paid account). This amount can be allocated to your certificate purchases, without any limit in time but can't be refounded. The higher the amount, the better the discount !Your company will be audited right after having opened an account (same process than for an automn server certificate) and you will have to choose a man in charge of the security.

PKI accounts:

You can choose among 3 kinds of PKI account, each account is associated with specific prices conditions :

Kind of account Number of points Pricing
EMERALD 200 £177 buy
GOLD 1000 £877 buy
DIAMOND 5000 £4377 buy

Number of point debited from your account per product:

Products 1 year 2 years 3 years
X509 Premium TBS 130 227 -
X509 Ecommerce TBS 72 126 -
X509 Standard TBS 57 100 -
X509 Omnidomaine TBS 300 530 -
X509 Utilisateur TBS 15 26 37
X509 Premium TBS 117 204 -
X509 Ecommerce TBS 65 113 -
X509 Standard TBS 51 90 -
X509 Omnidomaine TBS 270 477 -
X509 Utilisateur TBS 13 23 33
X509 Premium TBS 105 183 -
X509 Ecommerce TBS 59 102 -
X509 Standard TBS 43 77 -
X509 Omnidomaine TBS 243 429 -
X509 Utilisateur TBS 11 19 28

Consult the general sales terms before ordering your PKI account.

Our prices can be modified anytime without notice. Certificates won't be replaced nor exchanged.

The TBS PKI Entreprise

Our outsourced PKI Entreprise offer is especialy studied for big organizations that can't use the intern PKI Entreprise.

The intern PKI presents several downsides, such as issuing certificates not recognized outside the company by standard tools. Even if it remains possible to make a Certification Authority chain a PKI, it implies important costs (infrastructure and organization have to respect the WebTrust norms).

With our PKI Entreprise offer, you can create your own certification authority, managed outside of your organization on an infrastructure respecting the WebTrust norms and signed by a certification authority recognized by more than 99% of the web tools (compatible with IE 5.01+, Netscape 4.5+. Firefox, Outlook 2000+, Outlook Express 5+, etc.). Become your own Certification Authority now!

Certificates delivered through the the PKI Entreprise offer are technically the same than those sold in our TBS range of products except that the intermediary authority is "Your Organization". So your employee "John Smith"'s certificate appeared as issued by "Your Organization" and is natively recognized !

Our PKI Entreprise product work by interfacing your intern process (ID management for example) with our issuing certificate infrastructure. We provide an HTTP API (easy to implement) that gives you access to 3 major functions (order, revoke and download).

Costs Structure

Our PKI Entreprise:

  • The outsourced management of your certification root and its signature by a certification authority internationaly recognized : recurring annual cost
  • Certificates issue. Each issue costs a set price given the kind of certificate and its Lifetime. That cost evolve along with the number of certificate you want to buy and with the lenght of your engagement.(the more you buy, the higher the discount)
  • The interfacing of our both systems. Thanks to our API and with our webmasters help, you will be able to implement the interfacing tool that will fit your information system. Non recurring cost.

Please contact us to get a quote.

Notice that this solution is more attractive financially than the implementation of your own intern PKI with a chained autority.

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