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Installation of your TBS X509 Elogo on your web site

Step 1

Copy the JavaScript belowci-dessous in the section <head> of your HTML page.

If the logo is placed on a NON-SECURED web page, use the line underneath e.g. http://

If the logo is placed on a SECURED web page use the line underneath, e.g. https://

Step 2

Fill in the form below to generate the JavaScript code to insert your logo in your web page.

Fill-in the logo picture's URL

Select one of the proposed logos (the URL was sent in the delivery email) and upload the file on your web server. Provide the full URL (with "http://" or "https://") de l'image.

This is the picture you have choosen:

If no picture appears, please check you have uploaded the picture and the URL is correctly typed.

Step 3

Copy/paste the code below in your HTML page.

Insert this code in the BODY section of your HTML web page.

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